Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Policy

Admissions Arrangements

Behaviour and Relationships Management Procedures

Behaviour and Relationships Policy

Capability of Staff

Capability of Staff (Appendix A)

Capability of Staff (Appendix B)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy (Appendix 1)

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary Policy for Schools (CWAC model)

Disciplinary Procedure for Schools (CWAC)

Discipline, Conduct & Grievance Policy (Staff)

EPCHS Biometric Policy

Examination Contingency Plan

Exclusions Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Governors Code of Conduct & Declarations

Grievance Policy (Staff)

Health and Safety Policy

Information Rights Process

Instrument of Government

Non-Examination Assessment Policy

Privacy Notice – biometric data

Privacy Notice – governors, trustees, volunteers

Privacy Notice – students & parents

Protection of Children’s Biometric Information Policy

Provider Access Policy

SEN Information Report Retention and Disposal Policy and Schedule

SEND EEF Privacy Notice

Statement of allegations CWAC – Safeguarding Children Partnership

Statement of allegations CWAC – Safeguarding Procedure (Appendix A)

Subject Access Request

Teacher Appraisal Policy