Here at EPCHS6th we believe that it is essential to get started on the academic year as soon as possible and therefore ensure that our sixth form students have a project or directed work set for them to complete over the summer holidays so they are secure in their underpinning knowledge prior to attending classes in September as a year 12 student.

We have found that students find this a valuable activity as they are able to start the basic understanding of their chosen subjects at their own pace and in their own time. This allows the students who are starting year 12 to develop and strengthen their independent learning techniques while encouraging them to start learning key information relating to their chosen A-Level subjects.


Students who are finishing year 12 and then continuing into year 13 are also set work to complete during the summer break so that they have a head start for when we get back in September. Projects or work set may be more focused on coursework planning, research activities or using the independent learning strategies that we encourage within the sixth form. By doing this students are encouraged to keep their learning fresh and plan ahead for the forthcoming academic year.


The following is a short video made on students results day