Anti-Bullying Policy

Anti-Smoking Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy (Sixth Form)

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Behaviour Policy (Sixth Form)

CCTV Policy

Children in Care Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Conflict Resolution

Continuing Professional Development and Learning

Critical Incident Management Policy

Curriculum Policy

Dignity at Work Policy

Dignity at Work Policy CWAC Appendix A

Dignity at Work Procedure CWAC Appendix B

Dismissal Policy

Dismissal Management Commentary Appendix B

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Drugs Policy

Educational Visits Policy

English as an additional language

Gifts and Hospitality Policy

Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement (Sixth Form)

Home Visit Policy

Infection Control Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Lateral Flow Testing Privacy Notice

Marking and Feedback Policy

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Parental Behaviour Policy

Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy

Professional Relationships Policy

Pupil Premium Policy Punctuality (Sixth Form) Policy

SMSC Policy Searching, Screening and Confiscation Policy

Social Distancing Policy

Student Voice Policy

Uniform Policy

Uniform (Sixth Form) Policy

Volunteers Policy

Wellbeing and Mental Health (Staff) Policy

Young Carers Policy