RSE Lead – Mrs Ford 
Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), along with Health Education, will soon be forming part of the National Curriculum. This change begins as of September 2020. As part of our school’s wider Personal, Social and Health Education programme, students will from September 2020, receive lessons on relationships, sexual health and personal safety.  
Relationships and sex education (RSE) is learning about the emotional, social and physical aspects of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health. Throughout the Personal Development lessons students will be provided with age appropriate information, explore attitudes and values and develop skills in order to empower them to make positive decisions about their health-related behaviour. 
RSE will therefore equip all key staged students with the information, skills and positive values to have safe, fulfilling relationships, to enjoy their sexuality and to take responsibility for their sexual health and well-being. All whilst keeping the values, virtues and ethos of being part of a Catholic community at the forefront of our learning 
The foundations of RSE are based on five different subjects: Healthy Relationships; Pornography and safe online relationships; Consent; Family Planning and LGBTQ+ and is taught in a spiralled curriculum allowing for a deeper knowledge and age – appropriate understandings.