Mrs Jayne Jones leads EPCHS on Behaviour and Attitudes, and is a driving force for improving relational teaching through positive behaviour management.  Mrs Jones is a huge advocate for Trauma Informed Practices and Restorative Approaches to ensure all children and young people can be the ‘best version’ of themselves. Mrs Jones works alongside Pivotal Education to embed 5 Pillars of practice to ensure a calm, kind and safe environment for all the school community:
  1. Calm and consistent adult behaviour
  2. First Recognition for best practice 
  3. Relentless routines
  4. Scripted interventions
  5. Restorative Follow-up
Through this, the staff and students alike use the 5R’s to conduct themselves in their everyday lives :
  • Responsibility
  • Respect and Relationships
  • Resilience
  • Readiness
  • Rights
Every person at EPCHS is an individual and it is the aim of Mrs Jones’ Pastoral team to support the schools’ vision of ‘every child is known’.  Mrs Jones is also the Designated Teacher for Safeguarding. Mrs Jones and her Team work hard to make children and young peoples’ lives safe and works to improve the lives of those who are more vulnerable. She leads a teams of six Pastoral Leaders:
Year 7 – Ms S Wright:
Year 8 – Mr P Bowden:
Year 9 – Mrs A Fearon:
Year 10 – Mrs K Parkinson:
Year 11 – Ms R Bailey:
Year 12 & 13 – Mrs L Cavanagh:
Other members of the team are Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead Mrs Hughes and two Learning Mentors Mr Farhan Patel and Miss Charlotte Davies.  
To support our students emotional and mental well-being, Mrs Jones works alongside our School Counsellor, TBC.
Miss Clare Rogers works endlessly to promote attendance at school as the school’s Education Welfare Officer, with Miss Sarah McWilliam our Attendance Officer who is based in school.
The Behaviour and Attitudes team firmly believe, and promote, the Dr Karen Triesman’s quote: ‘Every moment and interaction can be an intervention’. The team is led with a kind, caring and compassionate eye.
“Great things happen when you care”