13th March 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian / Carer

COVID19 – Contingency Plan & E-Learning Platform

As you will be aware, the Government may at some point, instruct schools to close in order to assist in controlling and slowing the spread of COVID19. Although there has been no instruction to close, I have been liaising with staff to plan home-learning for students just in case.

To facilitate remote learning in the event of a school closure, students will be able to use an online platform, on which teachers will provide resources / handouts, deliver their lessons by video link if able to do so, and where students can complete assignments. This platform is accessible via the web address https://teams.office.com, or via a link (‘Online Classes’) which we have created on the ‘Students’ menu on the home page of the school website (https://epchs.co.uk/).

In addition to this, there are links to platforms, such as Show My Homework, Hegarty Maths, Google Classroom and Seneca. Here, staff can set additional work for students to complete in order to support their learning.

Students simply log in with their school email address which has the following format: schoolusername@stu.epchs.co.uk for example: 19jbloggs@stu.epchs.co.uk. Students will also need to enter a password; this is the same password that they use to log on to the computers at school.

To send and read emails, students can use the same credentials as above on https://outlook.office.com and again, a link has been created on the ‘Students’ menu on the school website to make this as easy as possible.

Furthermore, we have taken the precaution of cancelling the Year 8 Parents’ Evening on Thursday 19th March, as this will be a ‘mass gathering’, as well as the individual 15 minute meetings on 24th and 31st March.

To support option choices, all information will be in a Year 8 Option Class button on the E-Learning platform at the beginning of next week. Here, you can ask Mr Laing any questions regarding the process. Forms will need to be returned to form tutors as soon as completed when the school is open.

We continue to monitor the situation and will update you with any developments. Further information about the use of the online learning platform will be issued in the event of a school closure.

Yours sincerely