Module Details
Staff Absences Creating an Absence
Reporting on Staff Absence
Student Absences Planned Absences
Applicants Enrolling Applicants
Arbor Overview Overview and Dashboard
Assessment  How to monitor which students are on track
How to find the gaps in student attainment
Comparing student attainment in different curriculums
How to simplify your data using reporting grades
Spotting struggling students
Summative Tracking: Grade point scales
Summative Assessment: Setup
Summative Tracking: Baseline and Target Setting
Summative Tracking: Markbooks and inputting marks
Importing Summative Assessments
Summative Tracking: Reporting
Adding an Ad Hoc assessment
Curriculum Tracking: User Defined Templates
Curriculum tracking: Setup
Curriculum Tracking: Markbooks and Inputting Marks
Curriculum Tracking: Reporting
Linked Summative and Curriculum Assessment guide
Linked Summative and Curriculum Tracking Setup
Assessment Markbook Accessing the Markbook as SLT
From the Student Profile
Accessing as a Teacher
Attendance – Student Absentees & Following-up
Bulk Edit Marks
Correlated Absences
Daily Attendance & Incomplete Registers
Taking Attendance
Persistent Absentees
Behaviour  Setting up Behaviour Points
Setting up Behaviour Types
Creating an Incident Workflow
How to Log, Assign and Watch Incidents
Awarding Behaviour Points
Reporting from the Behaviour Module
Business Roles
Adding and Assigning
Adding and removing Permissions
Business roles and Permissions on a Staff Profile
Census Completing the school Census
Clubs Adding Prices, Sessions and Participants
Overview and Creating
Communications New Email Mail Merge
Mail Merge Letters
Mail Merge SMS
Communications – Setup 1 SMS Billing and Sending Profiles
Communications – Setup 2
Consents Consents Overview
Contracts Adding Details
Overview and Adding
Cover Logging Absence and arranging Cover
Cover/Supply Supply Staff- Short and long-term
Custom Report Writer Distributing Reports
Example Medical Conditions Report
Creating Reports
Base Report Templates
Data Checks
Adding Qualifications & Checks to a staff profile
Using the Data Quality Dashboard
Demographics Student Demographic information
Enrolments Student enrollments
Examinations Non-EDI Workflows
Importing Exam Results and setting an Embargo Date
Lesson Dashboard Lesson Dashboard
Meals Attendees
Student Meal Choices
Provisions and Prices
Payment Accounts
Credit Notes
Overview and Balances
Top Ups and Refunds
Staff Profile
Add a New Staff Member
Additional Details
Student Profile
Add a New Student
Educational Needs / SEN
Pupil Premium Pupil Premium Records from Key to Success
Trips Adding Prices and Participants
Overview and Creating
Users/Profiles Users and Data Retention