Postal Address

Mrs C. Vile, Headteacher
Ellesmere Port Catholic High School
Capenhurst Lane
Ellesmere Port
CH65 7AQ

Telephone : 0151 355 2373

Fax: 0151 355 7543


For all general enquiries – speak to one of the Reception Team

Attendance Line (for student absence and reporting late): 0151 513 4453

  • Queries from parents regarding the Parent Gateway queries – Mrs A Harley
  • For absence notification/queries – Mrs Silverlock (Attendance Officer)
  • For school visits –Mrs K Jones – School Visits
  • SEN queries – Miss J Wildman
  • Pupil Premium queries – Miss J Wildman

For a specific concern/enquiry/request for support etc about your child

There are often two different routes depending upon whether it is a pastoral issue or a subject based issue. In the first instance, speak to the first contact as detailed below. Reception will be able to put you through to the appropriate member of staff or take a message and ask someone to ring you back. We aim for you to receive a response within 48 hours.

 Pastoral Form Tutor  Head of Year/Pastoral Lead Year 7 – Mrs J Prescott / Mrs A Edwards
Year 8 – Mrs S Holmes
Year 9 – Mr A Graham
Year 10 – Mrs C Murphy
Year 11 – Mrs L Cavanagh
Year 7 Pastoral Lead – Mrs J Prescott)
Years 8 – 9 Pastoral Lead – Mrs S Holmes
Years 10 – 11 Pastoral Lead – Mrs C Hughes
Curriculum Subject Teacher  Curriculum Leader A member of the Senior Leadership Team

If you feel that there is an issue that is more serious or is difficult to discuss with the first contact, then please do not hesitate to contact the Head of Year or the appropriate Curriculum Leader directly. Names of all members of staff responsible are also available on the school website if needed.