Name Role Email
Teaching Staff 2019-20
Mrs C Vile Headteacher
Mrs J Jones Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Henderson Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Cavanagh Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Hughes Assistant Headteacher
Mr C Jones Assistant Headteacher
Miss E Jones Assistant Headteacher
Mr T Laing Assistant Headteacher
Mrs V Marsland SENCO
Miss J Wildman SENCO
Mrs E Woolmer English - Curriculum Leader
Mrs F Roberts English – Second in Department
Mrs S Clark English
Ms H Clarke English
Mr A Graham English
Mr P O’Donnell English - Literacy across the school
Mrs A Southern English – KS1 Co-ordinator
Ms C Wild English
Mrs S Cooper English
Mrs K Peoples Maths – Curriculum Leader
Mrs P Barker Maths - Second in Department
Mrs A Edwards Maths - Head of Year 8
Miss L Ellams Maths
Miss E Jones Maths – Assistant Head, Achievement
Mr M Lewis Maths – KS4 Co-ordinator
Mr T Laing Maths - Assistant Headteacher
Miss H Smith Maths - Lead Practitioner
Mrs N Vickery Maths
Miss L Forster Science - Curriculum Leader
Mrs E Briggs Science – Second in Department/KS2
Mrs S Jones Science – KS3 Co-ordinator
Miss E King Science - KS5 Co-ordinator
Mrs K Pedder Science
Ms A Scouler Science
Mrs D Woodland Science
Mrs L Moore Art & Design Technology - Faculty Leader
Mr T Barry Design Technology
Mrs T Ellison Home Economics – 2nd in Technology Department
Mr T Harley Art
Mrs D Kennedy Drama – Curriculum Leader
Mrs L Cavanagh Drama – High Achievers across school / Head of Year
Miss K Johnson Geography – Curriculum Leader
Mr C Jones Geography - Assistant Headteacher
Mr M Hughes Geography - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs L Oakley History – Curriculum Leader (Maternity leave)
Mr J Phelan History
Mrs L Henderson History - Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs F Williams ICT, Computing and Business - Curriculum Leader
Miss K Houghton ICT Bus & Computing 2nd in dept
Mrs C Murphy ICT – Head of Year/PSCHE
Mr G Boylan ICT Bus & Computing Teacher
Mr L Della Rocca Modern Foreign Languages - Curriculum Leader
Miss R Holmes Modern Foreign Languages – Second in Department
Mrs R Bason Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs J Byrne Music – Curriculum Leader
Mr M Cavanagh Physical Education - Curriculum Leader
Miss G Trowler Physical Education – Second in Department
Mr M Hughes Physical Education - Assistant Headteacher
Mrs J Jones Physical Education - Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mr T Holt Physical Education
Miss C Lodge Physical Education
Mrs L Iranzo Psychology – Curriculum Leader/ MFL/ RE
Mrs L Baillie Religious Education - Curriculum Leader
Miss A Breen- Buckley Religious Education
Mrs V Ford Religious Education - Head of Year 7
Mr S Kaye Religious Education
Miss J Wildman Religious Education - SENCO
Cover Services
Ms R Haworth Teaching Cover
Mrs F McLeod Lesson Cover
Mrs J Wilson Lesson Cover
Support Services 2019-20
Mr C Jones Business Manager & HR
Ms E Lyth Headteacher’s PA
Mrs T Harrison Office and Cover Manager
Mrs D Plummer Receptionists (am)
Mrs K Williams Receptionists (pm)
Mrs D McHugh Library & Reading Champion
Mrs S Wood Careers Advice and Guidance
Mrs A Hartley Reprographics & Admin
Ms C Boothroyd Sixth Form Administrator
Achievement/ Data
Mrs L Hughes Curriculum Support Manager
Mr M Herstell Exams Officer
Ms K Parkinson Attendance Officer
Finance Services
Miss T Moore Finance Officer
Ms K Mozzano Finance Assistant
Mrs L Sykes Finance Assistant – Educational Visits
Pastoral Leaders (from Sept 2020)
Ms S Wright Year 7
Mr D Walker Year 8
Mr C Crutchley Year 9
Ms R Bailey Year 10
Mr M Parrin Year 11
Mrs L Cavanagh Years 12 & 13
Heads of Year
Mrs V Ford Year 7
Mrs A Edwards Year 8
Mrs S Holmes Year 9
Mrs C Murphy Year 10
Mrs C Hughes Year 11
Mrs L Cavanagh Sixth Form
Miss C Rogers Education Welfare Officer
Miss C Davies Learning Mentor
Mr F Patel Learning Mentor
Mrs P Barker Chaplain
Mr A Hunt Chaplain
Student Services
Ms S McWilliam Student Services Officer
Inclusion & Diversity
Miss J Wildman SENCo
Mrs V Marsland SENCo
Mrs S Butler SEND Administrator and Library Assistant
Mrs A Hughes Behaviour Intervention Manager/ELSA
Mr C Crutchley Behaviour Intervention Officer
Teaching Assistants
Mrs A Ault TA
Mrs E Blyth TA
Mrs K Blythin TA
Miss L Hilliard TA
Miss A Dean TA
Ms L Collins TA
Miss N Dean TA
Miss N Holding TA
Mrs A Harding TA
Ms A Lacey TA
Mr S McNeil TA
Ms B Newham TA
Mrs S Stratton-Symes TA
Mr R Stubbs TA
Mrs G Williams TA
Ms L McDougall Catering Manager
Mrs L Wallace Assistant Cook
Catering Assistants
Mrs L Archer
Mrs S Hughes
Mrs M Dabija
Ms M Norman
Ms A McIntosh
Ms J Grey
IT Services
Mr S Black Acting Network Manager
Mr D McAllister Network Technician
Mr H O'Hare ICT Technician
Mr A Merrick ICT Technician
Mr L Walwyn DT Design Technology Technician
Mrs N McGill DT Home Economics Technician
Miss C Blundell Science Technician
Mr L Jacobs Science Technician
Mr A Smith Science Technician
Site Services
Mr C Lloyd Site Manager
Miss M Gore Site Officer/Cleaning Supervisor
Mr M McLeod Maintenance Officer
Mr C Stafford Caretaker / Lettings Officer
Cleaning Team
Mrs A Aston
Mrs S Diamond
Miss S Phenix
Mrs J Browne
Mrs C Heron
Miss J Williams
Mr P Coleclogh
Mrs K Hill
Miss K Day
Mrs N Owen