A Level and GCSE Examinations 2021 – Cancelled

As a result of the disruption to the education of students caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the government decided that exams cannot be held in summer 2021 in a way which is, and which is perceived to be, fair.  Following the publication of Ofqual’s decisions regarding how teacher assessed grades would replace the summer exam series we have the following advice:

Guidance for students, parents and guardians: GCSEs and AS/A Levels Summer 2021

JCQ have produced a document that explains the most important information that you and your parents or guardians need to know about how grades will be awarded this summer.  The document can be found here.

EPCHS Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades

We have produced a Centre Policy for determining teacher assessed grades in 2021.  This is based on the guidance provided by JCQ. The policy explains in detail the processes that will be used to determine the grades that will be submitted.  This includes:
  • A statement of intent
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Training, support and guidance for teachers
  • The appropriate use of evidence to determine grades
  • The internal quality assurance process
  • Comparison of results with previous years
  • Access arrangements and special considerations
  • Consideration of loss of learning
  • Objectivity
  • Records and retention of evidence
  • Authenticating students’ work
  • Confidentiality, malpractice and conflicts of interest
  • External quality assurance
  • Arrangements for results
  • Guidance on appeals
The complete policy can be found here

Teacher assessed grades timeline

In line with government guidance we intend to continue teaching for as long as possible so students are able to continue to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding.  We are then required to submit teacher assessed grades to the exam boards by Friday 18th June 2021.

Teaching, learning, assessments and gathering of evidence continues until Friday 28th May 2021

Half Term

Internal and external standardisation is completed by
Friday 11th June 2021
Teacher assessed grades are processed and submitted to the exam boards by
Friday 18th June 2021
Monday 21st June 2021
External standardisation by the exam boards commences
Tuesday 10th August 2021
A Level results day
Thursday 12th August 2021
GCSE Results Day
Appeals – students can request a centre review up until 3rd September 2021