Curriculum Outline

Year 7

Autumn Half Term 1 Autumn Half Term 2
Orientation and transition.

Poetry on myself

Autobiographical writing linked to experience of reading.

Skills of expression and communication: sentence/paragraph

Key skills: punctuation range

Study of the Novel: Private Peaceful

Literary analysis of tone and characterisation

Empathetic and descriptive writing based on experience of war

Role play and hot seating

Spring Half Term 1 Spring Half Term 2
Pre 1914 literary study: Oliver Twist

Analysis of characterisation

Spoken language study: differences between represented speech and real talk

Comparative study of modern text with Dickens

Introduction to Shakespeare

Elizabethan contexts

Key speech analysis

Recreative writing based on the story of Macbeth

Summer Half Term 1 Summer Half Term 2
The art of debate: Views on Zoos

Analysis of famous speakers

Persuasive writing

Descriptive writing: creating a voice

Speaking : delivering a formal speech

Exam skills revision: comprehension; analysis; extended writing to fit form and purpose

Poetry in context and performance

Poetic diction

Applying figurative language

Pre 20th Century poetry

Speaking: class /year performance of poetry competition


Year 8

Autumn Half Term 1 Autumn Half Term 2
Literary Heritage: Study of Frankenstein (drama script)

  • The skill of direction
  • Analysis of Gothic mood
  • Writing: Dystopian Visions
  • Speaking: presentation: Fears for the Future
Media Study:

  • From story to journalism
  • Investigating, note taking and reporting
  • Bias and point of view
  • Tabloids and Broadsheets

Spoken presentation: Selling the story

Spring Half Term 1 Spring Half Term 2
Study of the Novel

  • The Ways of Telling: considering how novelists create story: setting; voice; characterisation; structure; language; form
  • Working with unseen texts
  • Role play: inhabiting character
Shakespeare Study : The Tempest

  • Contexts of magic, science and knowledge
  • Analysing character interplay and language and power. The dynamic between Prospero and Ariel
  • Recreative writing: Ariel’s monologue
Summer Half Term 1 Summer Half Term 2
Poetic Genres

  • Study of range of genre: ballad, sonnet, dramatic monologue

Recreating story within genre

Our Changing Language

  • Generic change over time
  • The journey of lexis

A guide to 21st century teen speak