One of our aims is to encourage in our pupils the ability to work profitably on their own and to develop a habit of study when apparently unsupervised. We therefore expect all pupils to complete Home learning to the highest possible standard and hand it in on time. Please use the links above for the Home learnings schedules.

Key Stage 3 – Years 7 to 8.

Approximately an hour each night, depending on age and ability. At least one Home learning task per week is set in the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science and RE. More than one Home learning task may be set (e.g. one written, one reading). Other subjects will also set home learning as appropriate. Usually one per fortnight or alternatively the subject may set half termly projects.

Key Stage 4 – Years 9 – 11.

Between one and two hours each night, depending upon the demands of the courses being followed. All examination subjects set regular, weekly Home learning tasks and there is always revision to be done. Planned regular revision on a weekly basis is one way of ensuring a firm grasp of examination work. Most departments advise on specific learning websites to use to help with the revision process.  Students can also see show my homework for up to date revision lists.

Sixth Form – Years 12 & 13.

No Home learning timetables are given, students complete what teachers require and plan their own study programmes. A useful guide is approximately 15 hours per week, i.e. 3 hours nightly, excluding weekends. This is the minimum needed for success.

Please inform the appropriate Assistant Headteacher if Home learning appears not to be set regularly. While in future coursework may count for fewer marks than in the recent past it can still be worth up to 40% or more in some subjects. Therefore continuous assessment remains an important part of the pupils’ work and it is important that given dates for assignments are strictly met.

Wherever possible, parents are urged to provide a quiet room at home, without noisy distractions. Pupils need to balance the need for time to be spent on school work and that directed to relaxation and social activities. Most pupils are sensible about this but there is always a place for firm guidance from parents.

School provides facilities for Home learning to be completed in the library every Tuesday to Friday night from 3.00pm until 4.00 p.m. This is supported by members of staff and there is access to computers and the internet.

Every child and parent also has access to Show my Homework (SMHW), this gives instant access to tasks due, completion by dates, and electronic copies of assignments given in class.

If you require some assistance in logging into SMHW for the first time, please contact Mr Jones on

Year 7

Here is the home learning schedule for Year 7

Year 8

Here is the home learning schedule for Year 8

Year 9

Here is the home learning schedule for Year 9

Year 10

Here is the home learning schedule for Year 10

Year 11

Here is the home learning schedule for Year 11